What is Wordpress?

The content management system is essential nowadays since average more than 70 percentage website is content driven. Wordpress is a good answer for this requirement since most of the requirement is covered by this open source software.

Wordpress is an open source powered by PHP and MySql. This is also considered blog software. Nowadays, it’s very popular for the small and mid-level website which focus on content management and blogging.

Why Wordpress?

  • Excellent Content Management software
  • It is open source, no setup or license fees
  • Default Blog and comments Support
  • Varieties of Plug-in support by which you can easily add new functionality
  • Widget support by which you can add common functionality in every page
  • Seo friendly Software
  • Multi-user support ( admin, author, and guest)
  • Greater level flexibility for the theme, you can change the theme on a click by which website look and feel will be changed. It's easy to create theme
  • Good number of extensions like plug-ins, widgets, and themes support at its marketplace
  • Well defined coding structure by which easy to develop extension and easy to maintain the functionality

Why should hire a dedicated developer?

  • No setup cost is required
  • Daily basis progress report
  • One developer can work on multiple projects
  • Free Project Management support to make sure project executed smoothly and risk-free
  • Free Quality Assurance support to make sure resultant output should be bug-free
  • Asana project tracking support by which you can assign task to developer
  • Time doctor support by which you can easily track developer’s all activities and see progress.
  • Team is available to talk whenever needed through Skype or Phone

Wordpress dedicated development Methodology

  • Agile Development
  • Monthly Basis ,Full time , 160 hours/Month, 40 hours/Week, Excluding Indian Holidays
  • Monthly Basis, Part time Basis, 80 hours/Month, 20 hours/Week, Excluding Indian Holidays
  • Weekly Basis Full Time , 40 hours/Week
  • Weekly Basis Part Time , 20 hours/Week

Wordpress Developer Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of core PHP
  • Fully aware of OOPS based concept
  • Very well versed in Wordpress architecture
  • Sound knowledge of MYSQL
  • Very versed in HTML, AJAX and jQuery
  • Templating
  • Theme development
  • Widget Development
  • Custom plugin development
  • Wordpress version updates and migration
  • Wordpress extension development

Domain expertise

  • Real estate & Vacation rental
  • Finance
  • Dating
  • Booking inventory
  • Education Portal
  • News and online Magazine
  • Social networking
  • Custom CRM
  • Ecommerce
  • Affiliate system
  • Custom Business Application

How dedicated development work?

Tools we use for the dedicated development and Project Management


Reporting and Project tracking

Time Doctor

Project Management, Screen monitoring and effort review


For Communication

Recently completed projects in Wordpress