What is PHP?

PHP is very popular web scripting language which makes development easy, robust and fast. Since its open source, it has no setup and maintenance fees. It is a cost-effective solution.Due to the rich library and framework support, It is easy to develop custom, complex and robust web applications. It has varieties of open source support like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, X cart, Zen cart, which provides a ready made solution for content management, e-commerce, and other needs.

Why PHP?

  • Easy to Setup: PHP/MYSQL/Apache all are open source, you can easily download and set up in a linux environment.
  • No setup Cost: LAMP technology related all software like PHP, MYSQL and APACHE are free of cost. So there is no setup cost.
  • Easy to implement: PHP technology has been designed in keeping mind of C language. C is the mother of all programming language and its easy in syntax. Most of the programmers are going through of C. PHP syntax is almost similar to C so it's very easy to implement.
  • Rich Library: PHP library is very rich, for most of the requirements, there are functions available in the library which reduces code and provide great flexibility for development.
  • OOPS support: PHP 5 onwards is object-oriented. Its supports most OOPS terminology like inheritance, interface, polymorphism etc.. which provides reusability and greater flexibility in coding.
  • MVC Framework: It has varieties of frameworks like Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel etc which makes development easy, robust and rapid.
  • Open Source and Free software support: PHP is open source, it has varieties of open source like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc which is very popular for a specific requirement, which makes website development very easy and fast as per needs.

Why Cyblance for the PHP development?

  • More than 10+ years experience in PHP industry
  • More than hundreds websites /web application experience in PHP
  • Expertise in PHP, OOPS, MVC frameworks and all PHP related open source
  • Good experienced PHP programmers/developers availability in team
  • You can hire PHP developer as per your need
  • Project Manager and Team leader support for all the projects
  • Every project meets timely deadline
  • Transparent and Timely communication with client
  • Regular Project updates to client to keep updated on project success
  • As per client needs, greater flexibility to switch project plan and developers schedule
  • SDLC and Agile based development support as per client needs

PHP Developer Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of core PHP
  • Fully aware of OOPS based concept
  • Sound knowledge of MYSQL
  • Very versed in HTML, AJAX and jQuery
  • Templating
  • SAAS based development
  • Expertise in payment gateway and complex API
  • Knowledge of Caching and Javascript minifying
  • good experienced of PHP based MVC framework
  • Working knowledge of front-end framework like jQuery, AngularJs, ReactJS

PHP dedicated development Methodology

  • Agile Development
  • Monthly Basis, Full time, 160 hours/Month, 40 hours/Week, Excluding Indian Holidays
  • Monthly Basis, Part-time Basis, 80 hours/Month, 20 hours/Week, Excluding Indian Holidays
  • Weekly Basis Full Time, 40 hours/Week
  • Weekly Basis Part-Time, 20 hours/Week

Domain expertise:

  • Real estate & Vacation rental
  • Finance
  • Dating
  • Booking inventory
  • Education Portal
  • News and online Magazine
  • Social networking
  • Custom CRM
  • Ecommerce
  • Affiliate system
  • Custom Business Application

How dedicated development work?

Tools we use for the dedicated development and Project Management


Reporting and Project tracking

Time Doctor

Project Management, Screen monitoring and effort review


For Communication

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